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14 MAR 2015

Time to expand routes to home owning

Last year in our work "A Better Deal for Nation Rent" we set out new routes of home ownership. Where people could buy a share, a stake and buy their own home over time, while renting. No need to have a mortgage, or a hefty deposit. It...

02 MAR 2015

Nation Rent- time for something new?

Nearly a decade ago, Kate Barker set out the need for a step change in housing in her government report. The mantra became that housebuilding needed to step up a gear to 240,000 homes a year. Consensus was that about 100,000 extra homes a...

17 SEP 2014

A new housing finance model

Can housing associations increase their housing supply by 3% each year? Campbell Tickell's September Newsletter looks at the 3% challenge set out by Campbell Tickell and Graham Hindes from Octavia  Read Calum's housing finance answer...

A Better Deal for Nation Rent


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Nation Rent

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