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26 MAR 2014

Let's turn derelict sites into homes

This striking picture was taken down the Lewisham end of the Old Kent Road.  All over the country there are sites which have lay vacant for years and years.  Sometimes 10, 20 or even 30 years.  These sites are not just an eyesore,...

18 MAR 2014

Press and Profile for Nation Rent

Wow! What a response to our report, Nation Rent, published on 3 March 2014. In the UK press coverage has included: It has been covered as far afield as China and Oman. With regional radio and a spot on current affairs...

17 MAR 2014

Taxpayer's Homebuild

This suggestion from Natalie Elphicke showcased in June 2013 gives a tax break to people investing in building homes for their family and friends, up to £75,000 gains tax free, one for each taxpayer. It is designed to help small and...

Nation Rent

Major new report: Download your copy of Nation Rent 

Press Release for Nation Rent

 Press Release for Nation Rent