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02 MAR 2015

Nation Rent- time for something new?

Nearly a decade ago, Kate Barker set out the need for a step change in housing in her government report. The mantra became that housebuilding needed to step up a gear to 240,000 homes a year. Consensus was that about 100,000 extra homes a...

17 SEP 2014

A new housing finance model

Can housing associations increase their housing supply by 3% each year? Campbell Tickell's September Newsletter looks at the 3% challenge set out by Campbell Tickell and Graham Hindes from Octavia  Read Calum's housing finance answer...

15 SEP 2014

Water, water everywhere

Robin's Question: Robin Lawler tweeted us the good question whether the analysis in A Better Deal for Nation Rent could be applied to electricity companies.    We agreed that utilities offered an interesting comparison. As the...

A Better Deal for Nation Rent


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Nation Rent

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